About Pat

Pat’s mission for Empowering Health Options is to help people with chronic issues live with less pain…fewer restrictions and side effects…for as long as possible.

She does that by spending the appropriate amount of time gathering good information about you and your condition. Then she uses her Pharmacy education and healthcare background to recommend customized options that can provide the results and relief you seek.

Her desire is to help you beyond what medication can do.

“People are more than just their chronic disease,” says Pat. “There are so many factors that play a part in recognizing and treating the whole person.”

Healthcare practitioners know so much more now about prevention and wellness than just a decade ago.  We no longer rely exclusively on medications, because there are so many more options for people; methods that are effective in helping people live longer, better lives.


Pat continues to grow and use newfound knowledge today to positively impact the rules of disease management.


“I am determined to bring the human quality back to life, especially for those with long-term or chronic diseases like MS, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, stress, and depression,” Pat explains. “Unlike the doctors and medical professionals, I don’t have to answer to an insurance company or a hospital board based.  Instead, I’m free to work with my clients, based on their actual needs.”


“I bring a 360-degree view into a treatment plan.  I give my clients the education and understanding about their disease that they need to make good choices.  I empower them to make their own choices, to include everything in their plan – right down to food choices, exercise and mental health.”


“I also help their families understand what’s really going on.  Basically, I give them control over the disease and put them back in the driver’s seat of their lives.”