About (Old)

What would your life look like if you were open to the possibility that you or your loved one can get better and have the best quality of life possible for them?

Less stress, a lot less frustration, more time to do what you wanted to do, more energy, freedom, happier, having peace of mind… That all sounds good doesn’t it? It probably sounds a little out of reach too. We get that. We understand that you are tired, overwhelmed, overworked, angry and frustrated. It’s hard to find a balance to it all, especially when it comes to logic and emotion. Chronic illness and the daily challenges that come with it isn’t what you had planned for your life and dammit it is not fair! You are right, it isn’t fair. But, we can help.

What if all this time, you have been following a bad map? Imagine what you could do with a good map that meets your needs, is doable and you get the support you need to be successful.

You have probably been given so much information and you don’t know if any of it is helpful or even science-based. It is a good thing to be skeptical and it helps you to ask good questions. We are ready to help you make sense of all the facts, figures and plans that have been thrown your way and answer the questions you may not have even thought of.

We exist to help you manage your chronic health condition, to listen to you, to figure out what is going on as best we can and provide you with an action plan.

We are here to help you rest, relax, re-charge and move forward. Sometimes even when we deeply want to succeed, we are too intimidated by the thought of “failing again” that we shy away from trying new options or even continuing to look for them. It’s important to find opportunities for improvement that encourage you, possibilities that excite you, plans that connect with you, people who understand you and a support system that won’t judge you. We will help to make sure you don’t fail. You may make mistakes, but you won’t fail. Working together is the best chance of achieving what you ultimately want and have the best quality of life possible.