If you or a loved one has chronic health issues – and are frustrated by the average 7-minute office visit – Empowering Health OptionsĀ is Knoxville’s first Healthcare Consultant with a plan that gives you better control of healthcare decisions and a voice in your care.

We do that by truly listening to you, asking questions others don’t have time for, and applying our years of experience and education in the medical field to chart a course that’s specific to you.

You will know that your individual needs MATTER, and that together, we’ll find a way for you to be sure your loved one is getting the most appropriate care possible.

We provide expert help to reduce the emotional and financial pain of disease management through wellness and healthcare education programs for employees and individuals.
We offer one-on-one or group healthcare consulting and advice.
We have a proactive approach to educating clients about disease prevention and management so that our clients are empowered to manage their own wellness and so that they can reduce their costs associated with healthcare.