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What would your life look like if you were more effective, less stressed, and able to relax and enjoy your family a little?

Life can be challenging at times. It can be even more challenging when trying to manage a loved one’s or your own chronic health condition. We all keep most of our reality that isn’t as “pretty” below the surface to avoid uncomfortable situations and other undesirable factors. Many keep these things from even those they look to for help and care. Long term, it can make us feel overwhelmed, isolated and keep us from thriving. Our goal is to help you uncover these challenges and learn how to manage them. We will assist you in gaining the tools and knowledge to take control of your current situation, empowering you to attain a more fulfilling life.

Three Options to Help You Regain Control Of Your Life

Below is a light summary of each option we offer. To see all that is included and the benefits you can achieve, please visit our services page.

Option 1

  • Length of Service: 1 week
  • Assessment of healthcare, medications and lifestyle choices
  • Includes:
    • Two 30 minute calls
    • Opportunities for short follow-up calls

Option 2

  • Length of Service: 1 month
  • Same as Option 1, plus a review of medical, social, work and personal history
  • Includes:
    • Four 30 minute calls
    • Opportunities for 4 follow-up calls for 1 month

Option 3

  • Length of Service: 3 months
  • Same as Options 1 & 2
  • Includes:
    • Four 30 minute calls
    • Bi-weekly follow-up calls for 3 months
    • Email follow-ups and support for 3 months

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Let’s have a brief conversation to explore what your needs are. I will spend 15 minutes with you and we will analyze your problem, we will talk about a strategy and see if I am the one to help you. If I am, then we will set a time to talk again and you will have a checklist of information to gather for our next conversation.