Provide Better Care AND Get Your Life Back

  • Assess
  • Research
  • Troubleshoot
  • Support Plan
  • Follow-up


Assess – So we know where we are starting and what our care-taking challenges truly are at this point in time.

Research – So you have a better understanding of what is really happening and possibly why it is happening.

Troubleshoot – Prevent the preventable (including unnecessary spending), so you can make the best, most empowered choices for your loved one and yourself.

Support Plan – Develop a support plan for you to use, with preparation for interacting with your medical team, so you can be the most effective manager for your loved one and yourself.

Follow-up – Review and readjust plan to continue the best outcome for your and your family.

Are you a primary caregiver or the overseer to make sure caregivers are in place to provide care for your loved one?

Have you bee at it for more than two years? If so, it may be time to check in with yourself to see how you are dealing with all of the anger, frustrations, resentments, tiredness and feeling like a piece of taffy.

You are being pulled in so many different directions at one time with work, your own family, spouse, and other commitments that you are not sure how much more you can take. I have been there and it sucks. You love this person and they are driving you crazy. Then you feel guilty for feeling that way.

Your bulldozer, perfectionist, control freak attitude goes into hyperdrive Or you get paralyzed by all the conflicting information coming at you and you don’t know what to do first and so you do nothing.

I get it! If you want help with putting everything together and developing a plan of action that works for you and your loved one, then I am the one for you. Can you imagine what your life would look like if you were truly an effective manager for your loved one? Yes, that’s right, they would receive better care and you would get your life back!

Genetic Testing for Medications also known as Pharmacogenomics, to determine what medications work for you is now available for you and can be done in your own home. As a pharmacist with over 20 years experience, I would recommend this to most folks. You can use the information the rest of your life.