Have you been to the doctor lately? Did you notice that he only spent about 7 minutes with you? And that most of the 7 minutes, he spent with his head in his app’s? His computer app’s, that is. For most of us this is extremely frustrating.

A 7 minute office visit leaves no time for us to truly understand what we are being told about our health, and even less time to think of the questions we really need to ask.

A Health Advocate affords you the time and attention you need to understand your diagnosis and works with you to make sure you are getting the most appropriate care possible.

Your Health Advocate will also offer you training and education on Lifestyle changes you can make to have a positive effect on your health and quality of life. Below are a few of Empowering Health Options’s educational options available right now.

Genetic Testing for Medications also known as Pharmacogenomics, to determine what medications work for you is now available for you and can be done in your own home.