Because you aren’t sure what to buy, what to cook or what chores to do. You haven’t let yourself relax enough to think.

Believe it or not, some people like doing errands and chores. For them, it is like getting on top of things. They like to be organized and prepared. Some of these organized and prepared people are also control freaks. I said, some of them. Let’s take a look at why other folks hate running errands. The chores thing is called adulting.

August 24, 2022

Chores contribute to caregiver burnout

Let’s knock out chores first. I don’t personally know anyone that likes doing chores. I like the end result of a clean house and well-kept yard, but I don’t like to do them. That being said, I don’t hate doing them either. It is more of a matter of fact. The house needs to be cleaned, the yard needs to be mowed, the laundry needs to be done, the bills have to be paid, the car has to have an oil change, dinner has to be made and the dishes cleaned, etc. If you have to do it anyway, then do a great job. Be proud of your work.

I have heard about folks that will do a half-assed job, so they don’t have to do it again. I say, make them do it again and again until they get it right. They will learn to do it correctly the first time or they can keep doing it until they get it right. They will learn that doing it right the first time is easier and quicker. If you have children, remember when they tried to half-ass clean? Hopefully, you made them keep doing it until they got it right. After they had to do it three times before they could go play, they learned to do it right the first time.

Everyone, just do your chores! Take pride in the end result. Then, go out and play or enjoy the rest of your day. Check your attitude because little ones (and big ones) are watching you. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Men’s and Women’s Brains ARE Wired Differently

Men’s brains are wired differently than women’s brains. Women can multitask and men do one thing at a time. Men compartmentalize into boxes and nothing spills over into the boxes. Don’t ask a male child 3 questions. You will only get 1 answer. Men are task-oriented (one task at a time). Women can plan a list of things to do, put it in route order, and get it done while planning dinner. I asked my youngest son what he was thinking one day. Guess what he said? “Nothing.” Now, I cannot believe this. I am thinking “stuff” all of the time. However, I saw a scientist explain this very thing. At first, I called bullshit, but then did some research. Turns out males can think about “nothing.” Females cannot think about “nothing.” Everything is connected (somehow) to everything in a female’s brain. Women tend to “care” and men tend to “not care.”

The above paragraph is in general. We all have male and female tendencies. The goal for us is to realize the deficits that we have and improve on them. Women can focus on the one task before them and only that. Men can learn to think ahead, make lists and plan dinner.

What a man will do, for example

If you ask a man to watch the kids, that is all he will do. He will do nothing, except watch the kids. When a woman watches the kids, she does the laundry, cleans the kitchen, and does a quick pick-up. If you want a man to do the little things, you have to give him a list, in the order that you want it done, and place the word “Tasks” on top of the list. Be specific and time-oriented or you will get “I’ll handle it. Or I’ll get to it.” It will then be on their timetable and not yours.

This article has taken a turn that I had not intended, but here we are.

Nothing is 100%, there are a few men that can multi-task and there are a few women that compartmentalize. Learn how to communicate with your significant other, they do not think like you. Assuming gets everyone into trouble. If you think or say, “why can’t he…” or “why can’t she…” then you are not communicating effectively.

I saw these things on Parenting. See if you can relate in your role as a caregiver

    • Women see the big picture.

    • Men have tunnel vision.

    • Women tend to talk more than men.

    • Men tend to condense their feelings and say a few words.

    • Women revisit memories more and tend to ruminate more.

    • Men tend to think about issues briefly, analyze quickly and move on to something unrelated.

    • Women can identify emotions quicker and are more tuned in to emotions.

    • Men tend to rely on facts and logic.

    • Women are more empathetic and tend to brood.

    • Men tend to turn to problem-solving mode.

    • Women have better memory power than men.

    • Men don’t pay a lot of attention to details (other than sports crap). Men have to make an effort to remember.

    • Women need a combination of things to get aroused.

    • Men need visuals to get aroused.

    • Women are better at learning languages.

    • Men are better with numbers (sports crap, again).

Manage your time better to help decrease caregiver stress

Managing your time better may help you to hate running errands and chores a lot less. Don’t jam-pack your schedule. Allow for “what-if time”. Find what works best for you. It may be a pick one day of the week to do the errands. It may be that you pick one room a day to clean. What if you could use errand day to reconnect with someone? Have someone go with you, a kid, a friend, or even your spouse. Be grateful that you can run errands. Not everyone has the money to run errands. Not everyone can physically go and do the errands.

Maybe, don’t do chores on the weekend?

If you feel like your Saturday is another complete workday, maybe you would be better off doing a little during the week. Don’t make yourself miserable. Prioritize and focus. Stop wasting your mental energy. Batch the things that can be batched. Delegate what can be delegated. Be flexible.

When you hate doing a particular chore

Couples fight about chores and cleaning almost as much as they fight about what to do with money. Destress your house. Never assume who will do what at the house. Talk it out and decide who will do what and how often. Develop a partnership in running the household. If you both hate and I mean hate,  not dislike a chore then you have to alternate it. Switch it up occasionally, to make sure it is still fair. Reevaluate and change when needed. If you have kids, teach them early and make sure they do a good job. Teamwork makes the dream work. More free time, coming up.